Life is too short for a half-rack.

— Mike Mills

Peace, Love, and Barbecue

crosen's Review of Big Smiths Bar-B-Q

  • Beef Rib: A little fatty, very flavorful, meat melts in mouth
  • Sausage: Too much smoke
  • Overall: Food was good, not great. I liked the ambiance. Deep fat fryer was a negative. Owner said, “If I ran out of food, I’d get lynched!”
  • Pork Roast: Very flavorful, good fat content
  • Hot Link: Very hot, smooth taste, hot aftertastes stays all day
  • Atmosphere: Outside is a dive! Looks like the late, great “Gunny’s Shack” in Spring, TX. Inside made of particleboard. The smell of a deep fryer is Strong. Peanuts to munch on. Fish and deer trophies on the walls. Checkerboard tables. Box of Betty Crocker Roadkill Helper on shelf!!!
  • Sauce: Mesquite, sweet sauce
  • Spare Rib: All I taste is smoke, no flavor
  • Brisket: Nice texture, good fat, tasty, little firm
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