There rarely seems to be a correlation between barbecue competition prowess and great restaurant barbecue

— Daniel Vaughn

Full Custom Gospel BBQ

Smoke Daddy's Review of Big Smiths Bar-B-Q

MAIN FARE:Big Smiths Crew

  • Beef Rib: Mmmm. Greasy and flavorful; Beefy. This is the ONLY one!
  • Brisket: This is good. It has a little more fat than others we've seen today (= more flavor). Good texture; moist.
  • Spare Rib: Good. Meat & Fat melted together; nice texture; doesn't pull off the bone. Good smoke ring, but where's the flavor?
  • Pork: Nice texture; little fat around & through is good; nice smoke ring.
  • Hot Link: Good smoke ring; spicy. The casing is almost a part of the meat - very nice.
  • Sausage: A bit salty. Very firm, almost crunchy. Casing is not tough.


  • Tater salad - Mashed style, but good.


  • Out in 'the sticks'; Doing a great business -- this joint is jumpin'!
  • Lots of dead animals on the walls;
  • Table service.  It reminds me of Clark's in Tioga - a restaurant with good 'Q.
  • Quotable: Loyal Customers: 'You can stop the tour here; There's no need to go anywhere else for BBQ.' -- 4 customes seated near the front door
  • Quotable: Loyal Staff: 'This is going to be the best of the day.' -- Danelle (our server)
  • Quotable: While talking about Sonny Bryan's policy to close when they run out of meat: 'If I did that, I'd be lynched. He can do it because its tradition.' -- Big Smith
Main Fare: 
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