When you fire Johnny, everything goes downhill

— T-Bone

Pit Downtown Barbecue, 2000 Central Texas Tour

Smoke Daddy's Review of Buz and Neds



  • Spare Rib - This is tasty! There is alot going on here with the smoke + grill & baste technique.  Our rack could have used a little more time on the smoker because it was still somewhat chewy and not quite fully rendered.  However, this is a darn good rib... Eat this.
  • Brisket - Sliced thin and served very wet.  Interesting that it is sold by the pint.  Not awful, but definitely not the reason to come to Buzz and Ned's.
  • Pulled Pork - The meat seems very bland... cant taste the pork through the zesty sauce that has been liberally applied to the mixture.  The meat is tender and the overall mixture has a good flavor.

OTHER FAREPork, slaw, and beans

  • Cole Slaw - Fresh and crispy.  Vinegar, spice, and very light cream.  A very nice slaw.
  • Beans - A two or 3-bean mixture.  Nicely done, but nothing to write home about.
  • Mac & Cheese - Very rich and tasty with a velvety texture.
  • Buz Beer - A very tasty amber style, but they also have many micro-brews to choose from.

ATMOSPHEREPit plus pitmaster tools

  • Nice structure: Brick front, cinder block rear, and corrugated metal along the side.  Nice covered patio in the front, and that is where we sit.
  • Small service window inside the front door. You can see the crew getting ribs ready to serve by grilling and basting them in the kitchen area.  Nice lady behind the counter, and we recieve good, attentive service.
  • Limited seating inside with a smallish TV, but the patio is the place to be.  Very comfortable setting... could easily spend an afternoon here!Doug, David, and Steve
  • Using J&R Oyler pits with wet white hickory.  There a couple out back in use, and more across the street with their catering vans and such.
  • Buz was the subject of a Bobby Flay throwdown and won the challenge.  Therefore, the joint flaunts its "Flay Slayer" status.
  • An added BONUS: David Hasek comes out to join us for lunch.  Thanks, Leslie!

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