That's my favorite thing about Texas, the barbecue.

— Scott Caan

Smoke Daddy's Review of Alamo BBQ


MAIN FARERibs, slaw, and cornbread

  • Rib - Nearly falling off the bone, the rib looks good... but something is not right here.  Double Boner says "charcoal lighter fluid", and I say "hmmm".  The baste used to finish this rib is out of control - and not in a good way.  There is a clash of spice here that just doesn't work for me.  I scrape it off in an attempt to taste the rib.
  • Brisket - Tried two slices and both were uber-tough.  Had to flex my muscles to pull the accordian apart - too much connective tissue remaining.  Definitely needed more time to render.
  • Pulled Pork - We guess that this was started on the smoker and maybe finished in the oven.  Best of the three meats we tried here. 

OTHER FAREJalapeno mac & cheese, and beans

  • Cole Slaw - Fresh, interesting, and busy.  Another clash of spices here that just don't seem to resolve.
  • Beans - From scratch.  Combination of beans, meat, sweet, and chili spice.  Beans still have a bit of crunch, and the mix of flavors don't seem to meld into a "whole". 
  • Jalapeno Mac & Cheese - This is good... I think I'd enjoy more pepper flavor and heat, but Blair thinks it is good as is.  Solid side item.
  • Texas Caviar - Black bean and corn relish.  It is cool, crisp, and tasty.  Simple dish... VERY good.  This is my favorite item that we sampled today. 
  • Cornbread - Sweet and good.


  • Texas flag flying out front... and the facade does resemble the Alamo.  So it was hard for us Texas folk to resist.  Plus Ronnie recommended it.
  • This looks to be primarily a neighborhood carry-out place.  There is a canopy covering the outdoor eating area, but it wasn't a place that I would feel comfortable lingering after the meal.
  • Walk-up window for ordering, and there ws a nice young man working the service window.
  • Using a traditional offset pit and a smaller backyard pit.

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Main Fare: 
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