I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.

— W.C. Fields

Smoke Daddy's Review of Inmans Ranch House Bar-B-Q

MAIN FARE:Inmans Ranch House Kitchen

  • Moist/Fatty Brisket - This is a good slice-o-brisket! Very flavorful... fat has rendered and makes this mighty tasty.
  • Lean Brisket - Nice texture.  Good flavor. It is tender, but with a bit of a chew on the finish.
  • Turkey Sausage <<not rated>> - Firm and tightly packed. 100%  boneless, skinless turkey used here.  Nicely seasoned but very mild.  Good pink ring around the outside. Why no rating? See Criteria for true Barbecue on this page.


  • Slaw - Vinegar-based.  Cool, crisp, and good.
  • Pintos - Ranch-style and run-of-the-mill.
  • Sauce - Is tangy, but doesn't cover the meat flavor.

ATMOSPHERE:Inmans Ranch House Pit

  • Barbecue in a house - park under a tree, and come on in!
  • Concrete floors and mix & match tables and chairs
  • Pits are a prominant feature when ordering
  • Posterboard menu signage
  • Electric knife.  Yup, its the trend as you go west into the Hill Country. 

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Main Fare: 
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