I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.

— W.C. Fields

Smoke Daddy's Review of Hillsdale Bank Bar-B-Q

Everything rated above average.  Pork, Sauce, and Atmosphere were my favorites!

MAIN FARE:Hillsdale Bank spread

  • Brisket - Good texture and flavor.  Tender... nice.
  • Pork - Oh, now this is good stuff!
  • Pork Burnt Ends - OK, but oversmoked = bitter.
  • Rib - Exterior is a bit tough, but inside is tender and smokey!
  • Hot Link - First hot link of the tour (on the last stop). Hot dog with spice.


Hillsdale Bank Cookbox

  • Corn Nugget - Good.
  • Beans - Sweet.  Very good with good meat content.
  • Potato Salad - Mustard based, with some vinegar
  • Slaw - Crunchy and good.
  • Sauce - Very good sauce. Nice balance of all ingredients.  Does not cover the flavor of the meat (unlike most in the KC area).
  • Hot Sauce - More worcestershire, vinegar, and heat

ATMOSPHERE:2005 BBQ Crew at the end of the trail

  • Out in the sticks + Old bank building + train caboose = GREAT!
  • Next to railroad tracks - evening train rolls by...
  • Only open Fri-Sun in the warm months
  • Female decor somewhat clashes with bank/RR themes
  • Talking about converting the back garden into a beer garden?
  • "All dine-in orders served dry!" - LIKE!
  • Family run operation by super nice folks
  • Greg seems quite knowledgeable about other area BBQ joints

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Main Fare: 
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