Mmmm... Barbecue

— Homer Simpson

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Smoke Daddy's Review of LCs Bar-B-Q


Good joint. My favorites were the brisket, beans, sauce, and atmosphere.

MAIN FARE:LCs Brisket and Burnt Ends

  • Brisket - Sliced thick, just for us. Has  some of the bark still attached (good). Tender, moist, and pulls apart easily. The  rub compliments the meat. Very good.
  • S. Ribs - Chewy on both the exteriorr and interior. Good smoke.
  • L. Ribs - Less of a chewy layer. Simple rub with little or no spice.
  • Burnt Ends  - Very chewy... let me try another. "Crunchewy".
  • Sausage - Sliced lengthwise and quartered... then panfried.  Very coarse grind, but somewhat salty. Virtually no casing... good spice on finish.
  • Pork - Good moisture and fat content, even though sliced paper thin. Nicely done.


LCs Ribs and Sausage

  • Sauce - Good tomato/vinegar balance, with subtle heat that grows with you. Good spices, but not overwhelming.  Nice, if maybe a little salty (celery salt, of course).
  • Beans  - Medium-thick consisteny. Good balance of sweet and spicy, with heat on finish.  Very meaty and good!
  • Potato Salad - Whipped/Mashed style, with big chunks-o-tater.
  • Slaw - Creamy style, with some vinegar.


  • We parked near the woodpileLCs Pit
  • Bars on windows indicates a rough neighborhood
  • Police officer picking up a to-go order is a good sign
  • Roll-naps on the tables
  • Decor: Dead animals on the wall, and a photo of Aerosmith eatin' LC's ribs
  • Pit behind counter with initials 'LC' welded onto door
  • He slices the meat as we order it

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