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— Jason Zebehazy

Smoke Daddy's Review of RJs Bob Be Que Shack

My favorites were the ribs and corn nuggets. 

MAIN FARE:RJ's spread

  • Brisket - Wet with moisture. Smoky. Good.
  • Burnt Ends - Verrry smoky.  Fatty is good...lean is chewy.
  • L. Rib - Good flavor.  Nearly falling off the bone...
  • S. Rib - Rich & fall-apart texture. Greasy, but very good.
  • Pork - Big chunks. Bitter. Tried it late...dry.


  • Beans - Thick & Sweet.  Good balance of sweet and savory.
  • Potato Salad - Mustard w/curry blend.  No thanks.
  • Cole Slaw - Crunchy. Creamy... with a vinegar 'tang'. Good!RJ's ribs
  • Corn Nugget - Crunchewy. Yum!
  • Cheesy Corn - Queso with corn
  • French Fries - Good, and dusted with homeade seasoning blend
  • Memphis Sauce - Thinner than expected. Heavy brown sugar with apple cider vinegar twang
  • Regular Sauce - Tomato-based and sweet


  • Place has 'cheffy' roots, and has only been open a couple of years
  • "Where the meat falls off the bone"
  • Live music advertised on the windowRJ's pit
  • Big screen TV inside
  • Bob comes to see us and gives us a great tour
  • Southern Pride pit
  • Quotable: "If you wanna see a helmet, go to the bathroom." -- Doc Johnson

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Main Fare: 
Other Fare: 


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