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Smoke Daddy's Review of Arthur Bryants Barbeque

Classic joint feel here... love the atmosphere.  The short end ribs and beans were my favorites.

MAIN FARE:Arthur Bryants Meats

  • Brisket - Deli slicer in action.  Sliced super thin (and with the grain).  Lean and tender with some moisture. Good smoke flavor.
  • Burnt Ends - Chewy and smoky. Cooked in the sauce, or just kept hot?
  • Sausage - Sliced by the deli slicer.   Nice blend.  Weird cut... looks like spam.
  • Long End Rib - Tender and pulls off the bone.  Fully rendered, but a little dry and chewy in places.  A little 'tang' (bitterness) in the smoke.
  • Short End Rib - This is better.  Clean smoke; tender & moist; pulls off the bone with a slight tug.


Arthur Bryants Ribs

  • Beans - Brown sugar and molasses.  Sweet!
  • Original Sauce - Gritty and almost cloying at first (flavor explosion). It has staying power, and kinda grows on you
  • Rich & Spicy - Ketchup meets Heinz 57, with plenty of brown sugar.
  • Sweet Heat - Brown sugar (and honey?), with a kick on the finish.  Some mustard detected.


  • Line out the door at 12:15 on Thursday, and it doesn't move quickly
  • One wall with press clippings and celebrity photos
  • Besides the above, it reminds me of the old Kreuz dining area
  • Tall stack of folded paper towels on the table
  • Meat tray = a tray of meat.  Classic.
  • Folks behind the counter all all business; no chit-chat here
  • We have no interaction with staff outside of the serving area (we forgo the tour due to being in the middle of their lunch rush).
  • Sweet hickory

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